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Process Equipment

We offer a wide portfolio of process equipment, consisting of Buchi (büchiglasuster) glass process equipment, Thaletec glass-lined reactors and Inoxpa stainless steel reactor systems.
The Buchi glass process equipment product line includes production-scale reactor systems, consisting of glass-lined reactors and distillation overheads (vapor duct, heat exchangers, feeders and receivers, connecting piping) made of borosilicate glass. Moreover, the glass process equipment portfolio comprises of heat exchangers with inner tubes made of borosilicate glass, glass-lined steel, silicon carbide (SiC), Hastelloy®, tantalum or other metals. Also, we offer gas scrubbers (pilot plant, kilo lab, production and process scale), solvent recovery plants as well as columns for distillation and rectification as part of the glass process equipment product offering.
Inoxpa’s range of stainless steel reactor systems includes customized and automated production-scale reactors and Clean in Place (CIP) Systems (widely used in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries) as well as product recovery systems (pigging systems).
We also offer Thaletec’s glass-lined reactors portfolio comprising of glass lining solutions, such as ABRISIST (enhanced resistance to abrasion and corrosion) and CONDUSIST (100% metal-free, no catalytic action).