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Bioreactors / Fermentors

Our bioreactors / fermentors portfolio of comprises of laboratory, pilot plant and industrial bioreactors / fermenters by Solaris Biotech Solutions.

The laboratory bioreactors / fermenters line by Solaris includes single wall bioreactors (ONE), mini fermenters (IO), autoclavable bioreactors (Jupiter), photobioreactors (Elara ST), SIP benchtop bioreactors for R&D (Genesis) and process control systems for single-use bioreactors (BlackBox). Moreover, we also offer Solaris tangential flow filtration system (Kronos).
Our pilot plant and industrial bioreactors / fementers portfolio comprises of customized SIP bioreactors (S Series), standardized SIP fermetors (M Series) and customized process-scale bioreactors (I Series). Additionally, we also offer the product recovery system (pigging) by Inoxpa.

Solaris Biotech Solutions