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About Us

Donau Lab Kft started its activities in Hungary in the early 1990s. As a member of the Swiss-based Donau Lab Group, the company distributes and services products of renowned Swiss, German and Italian instrument manufacturers.

In 2013, a Swiss professional investor established LPP Group AG, which then acquired the Donau Lab Group. The new owner is committed to the continued operation of the group, and Donau Lab Kft. will continue to provide its Hungarian customers and partners with an unchanged product range and services.

The instruments in our product range are widely used in the fields of analytical chemistry, chemical synthesis, life and material sciences and general laboratory practice. In addition to the distribution of equipment, our activities include advice on its use and on-site service.

Our mission is to ensure that our products are used in the most appropriate applications and that our customers can use them most efficiently and effectively.

Group Vision

Satisfied customers are repeat customers and long-term customers: The goal of our activities is the long-term satisfaction of our customers by supplying technologically leading, reliable and safe equipment and by providing the highest service level possible. We want to be the market leading distributor of Lab, Pilot and Process Equipment in Eastern Europe and be a synonym for reliability and integrity for both customers and suppliers. We believe in the potential of our markets and want to generate continuous growth for all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees and investors.

Group Vision