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Pilot plant and production batch homogenizers / dispersers


POLYTRON pilot plant and production line
Batch size: from 30 to 40’000 ml
Stator diameter: up to 350 mm
Speed range: up to 24'000 rpm

Kinematica’s POLYTRON batch series for pilot plant and production is ideal for applications up to 40 resp. 50 liters and for scale ups from research and development to pilot plant or small production scale processes. These units offer high versatility in the size and numbers of aggregates to be used, for laboratory, pilot plant and small production applications. This permits the direct comparison of results between the smaller and larger aggregates, facilitating the scale up decision.

Available models:
POLYTRON PT 45-80 GT sample amount 0.1 - 30'000 ml
POLYTRON PT 6100D sample amount 0.1 - 30'000 ml
POLYTRON PT 7100 sample amount 200 - 40'000 ml
POLYTRON PT-D 36-60 sample amount 0.10 - 50'000 ml

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