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Laboratory batch homogenizers / dispersers


POLYTRON laboratory line
Volumes: from 0.01 to 30'000 ml
Stator diameter: from 3 to 60 mm
Speed range: up to 30'000 rpm
Smooth start function, autoclavable dispersing aggregates

The POLYTRON line systems produce fine dispersion, emulsion and homogenization, offering efficient disruption of the systems, reproducibility of the results and simple procedures.
Thanks to the broad range of dispersing aggregates, the POLYTRON systems are suitable for various laboratory applications, including disruption of animal and human tissues, sample preparation for RNA and DNA extraction, disruption of fruits and vegetables samples, sample preparation in the waste water industry, pills disruption for content analysis in the pharma industry as well as making emulsions from oil and water. Various models are available, from handheld dispersers to powerful stand-dispersers.

Test POLYTRON PT 3100D (volume 0.1ml - 10'000ml) in your lab!

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