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Laboratory inline homogenizers / dispersers


MEGATRON laboratory line
Throughput: up to approx. 11 l per min
Pressure: up to 6 bar (higher pressures on request)
Temperature: up to 90 °C
Speed range: up to 30'000 rpm (autoclavable version up to 18'000 rpm)
Product inlet: single-phase (standard) / multi-phase (with optional injector)
Single-stage, horizontal working chamber
Single-acting mechanical seal with pressureless quench system

When testing and optimizing formulas, high process safety is paramount. The MT3100 S2 enables processing of complex material systems with minimal loss of mass and minimal energy, leading to efficient and replicable results.

This miniature format production system allows for realizing your ideas under as realistic conditions as possible in small, economic quantities. During the subsequent scale-up process, the results can be replicated with larger Kinematica machines.