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About Us

DONAU LAB Budapest was established in the early 1990s and is a member of the Switzerland-based LPP Group. For more than 20 years, we are the connecting link between equipment suppliers and end-users in the field of lab, pilot and process solutions.

We serve various industries, amongst others the pharmaceutical, chemical, material and life sciences, and food/feed/beverages industry. Based on our selected portfolio, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions, including quality control, R&D, production and testing. Our highly trained employees are the guarantee for our customers’ satisfaction throughout the entire investment process, from pre-sales consulting, installations and end-user training to different after-sales activities, such as application support, calibrations, validations and service.

Our goal is to offer our customers comprehensive solutions, which ensure competitive advantages and save money and time. Our personal approach, quality of service and long-term partnerships with our customers are our key assets.

Group Vision

Satisfied customers are repeat customers and long-term customers: The goal of our activities is the long-term satisfaction of our customers by supplying technologically leading, reliable and safe equipment and by providing the highest service level possible. We want to be the market leading distributor of Lab, Pilot and Process Equipment in Eastern Europe and be a synonym for reliability and integrity for both customers and suppliers. We believe in the potential of our markets and want to generate continuous growth for all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees and investors.

Group Vision